Power Pole Services

Timber Power Poles, Steel Poles & Pole Hold

BP Poles is South East Queensland based Company providing solutions for all your power pole and overhead power needs. If your looking for assistance with power poles in Brisbane and surrounds we are here to help.

Whether you need a new power or property pole or a replacement pole, we are the experts in this area. We can organise any services required such as boom lifts and trenching machines. We are fully accredited with Energex and Ergon Energy and we can take care of any pole needs.

Property Poles & Overhead Power Poles

Power Pole Services Installation and Removal

Power Pole Installation & Removal

Installation of power poles requires the right skill and equipment to ensure a great result. Whether you require a timber pole or steel pole, our team will ensure your job is professionally completed every time.

Removal of power poles requires particular skills and equipment. We remove poles from any location to any size as well as any material.

Power Pole Services Replacement and Relocation

Power Pole Replacement & Relocation

Power poles can be damaged by termites, storms and also weather events. Storms can bring down power poles.

Poles which are not properly installed can be very dangerous. If you need to replace or relocate a pole we can help.

Power Pole Services Pole Hold

Pole Hold Services

Our Pole hold services are Energex Authorised. In our fleet we have 4 trucks that are capable of providing pole holds/grabs while civil work are being carried out around Energex Power Poles.

Power Pole Services Maintenance

Power Pole Maintenance

It’s a good idea to check your power pole regularly for signs of damage and wear. Some simple maintenance could prevent the need for replacement sooner than necessary.

Power Pole Frequently Asked Questions

When do I need a private property power pole?

Private property poles are needed in any new subdivision where the Energex Network is still overhead and not underground. Private property poles are also required in subdividing blocks where the overhead mains coming from the Energex power pole will cross the neighboring property.

Private property power poles are also installed when house connection exceeds the height of 7.9m to the point of attachment. Some house designs limit access for an extension ladder in which case you would need to install a pole inside your boundary and have the power installed underground.

When do you need poles stabilised or supported/held/grabbed?

Pole holds are needed whenever trenching, excavating or digging around installed poles.

By Energex standard, if you are excavating a 1m trench near a power pole you need to be 1m away from the power pole without the need of a pole hold. So the rule is 1m for 1m.

Who uses pole holds?

Pole holds are most commonly used with civil contractors installing service mains close to Energex/Ergon poles.

How do I know if my Power Pole is a Private property poles?

If the property power pole is inside the property boundary, it belongs to the owner of the property. Therefore the property owner is responsible for the maintenance of the pole as well as the power lines inside the property.

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