Drilling & Piling Services

Drilling & Piling Quality Work

With a large fleet of machines, trucks and operators, we offer a broad range of drilling and piling services throughout Brisbane and South East Queensland. We can provide a complete solution to suit your needs.

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Bored Piling Services

Bored Piling utilises purpose built hydraulic machinery to bore holes. These holes are then filled with steel reinforcements concrete to create a bored Pile. This method of piling is suitable for all types of soil and generate less noise pollution and vibrations. A pile of any size can be created easily without the need of expensive pile transport due to the cast-in-place nature of this method. Bored piles are naturally very strong and are able to resist powerful shearing and moment forces.

Brisbane Power Poles are able to coordinate the different trades required including machine operators as well as concrete and steel reinforcement suppliers.

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Foundation Drilling

Brisbane Power Poles provide foundation drilling services for both civil and industrial clients throughout South East Queensland. With a focus on safety and with years of experience, we provide customisable rigs and experienced operators. We specialise in foundation drilling from 250mm to more than 900 mm diameter and to a depth of 25 metres.

We utilise a range of rubber tyre rigs and excavators with custom drilling heads to get the job done safely and efficiently. Our operators understand the importance of your project and work with extreme precision and care.

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Bored Piers & Pier Drilling

Bored piers are used to support vertical loads in high rise buildings. Bored piers can be installed quickly and easily to support working loads. Bored piers are usually much smaller than bulk piers and have a diameter of around 450mm or 1050mm. Our drilling rigs can penetrate to depths of more than 15 metres. The piers are reinforced to the engineer’s specifications.

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Auger Drilling

In both civil and industrial construction auger drilling is often required. We have drilling equipment which caters to large and small requirements. A wide variety of augers are available for soil sampling, boring and drilling. Our equipment provides for maximum soil removal in all ground conditions including rock hard ground.

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With a large fleet of auger machines and a multitude of attachments, we can handle any job, no matter the size. Pre-drilling is essential to increasing the strength and stability of the pile. Pre-drilling prevents damage to equipment and is required for many construction projects.

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Drilling Equipment & Operators

With a large fleet of trucks and machines and a multitude of attachments, we can handle any job, no matter the size. Our team of experienced operators are trained professionals with proven results. With a choice of track machines and rubber tyre rigs, we can provide a solution to suit your project.

Drilling & Piling Frequently Asked Questions

What major Projects has BPP worked on?

BPP has been working on the Logan Enhancement Project drilling holes for gantry signs and toll signs for the last 12 months.

Will you work on the Sunshine Coast or Gold Coast?

Yes, Brisbane Power Poles is willing to travel anywhere in Queensland to do drilling work, and has been drilling along our major Highways.

Can we call you at short notice?

Yes we can usually send a drill rig within 1-2 days.

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